Loopmasters has launched Guy Forx presents Blow It Up, a one off collection of royalty free explosive effects recorded at firework displays in the UK and India.

Loopmasters Guy Forx Blow It Up

Every element of the displays have been recorded – including multiple cluster explosions, the classic sounds of the screamer, white noise crackles and mechanically launched rockets. Guy Forx AKA Midierror has gone the extra mile to record the displays from multiple angles – from high vantage points – giving you a long natural ambient reverb, and from close on the ground – giving you the impact and huge sound of the explosions building to the grand finale.

While visiting the Thar Desert in India, Midierror had the opportunity to record the Diwali celebrations from the rooftops of the Golden city of Jaisalmer – giving you an insight into how fireworks are done in the East! Each sample has been expertly edited to keep the ambience generated, while reducing background noise to a minimum. The natural ambiences may also be used as convolution reverbs impulses for other musical applications.

The sample pack is available for £2.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Guy Forx presents Blow It Up