Loopmasters House Acapellas

Loopmasters has introduced House Acapellas, the first in a new series of royalty free acapella sample packs aimed at producers worldwide looking for top quality vocals to add to their productions.

Featuring 4 full song ideas (2 Male and 2 Female), plus single bonus phrases and an extended selection of Spoken Word vocals with musical themes – this is set to be a hot download from Loopmasters!

You get verses, bridges, chorus plus additional harmony and single word phrases to facilitate total content flexibility, and the singers are world class – meaning your tracks can take on a whole new level of popularity when performed and released – plus of course you keep all of the royalties!

House Acapellas features

  • 860 MB content, 24bit/44.1kHz.
  • 34 Female Sung Phrases.
  • 24 Parts for Song 1 (Without You).
  • 18 Stems for Song 2 (Roll on You).
  • 46 Male Sung Phrases.
  • 8 Stems in Song 3 (Can you Feel It).
  • 7 Stems in Song 4 (Gotta Let It Go).
  • 122 Spoken Word Phrases.
  • 7 Stems from 2 Interviews (The Preacher, The Interview).

The sample pack costs £29.95 GBP. Male, female, and spoken packs are sold separately at £11.95 GBP each.

More information: Loopmasters / House Acapellas