Loopmasters John 00 Fleming Presents Variations in Trance

Loopmasters has released John 00 Fleming Presents Variations in Trance, a brand new exclusive collection of royalty free Trance Samples produced by John and Digital Blonde.

John 00 Fleming is one of the few artists in dance music that has preserved underground respect whilst enjoying commercial success during a career spanning two decades. His ability to transcend genres in a quest to take great music to the masses, has resulted in a unique and sought after sound that is purely ‘JOOF’, and he is respected by artists across the globe from Moby and Muse to Jean Michel Jarre.

In clubs, warehouses, festivals and charts across the world, John 00 Fleming has well and truly earned his reputation as one of the most in-demand and well respected artists in dance music, and as 00db with Digital Blonde is one of the most respected forces worldwide in Trance.

John 00 Fleming Presents Variations in Trance features

  • 1GB Size, 537 Samples, 270 Loops.
  • 79 patches for EXS. Halion, Kontakt, EXS, SFZ.
  • Ableton Live Pack, Reason Refill and Apple Loops versions are available.
  • 76 Drumloops, 101 Synth and Pad Loops, 60 Bass Loops, 24 BASS Hits, 57 Individual Drum Samples, 73 FX and Atmos Hits, 38 Pads and String Hits, 107 Synth Hits.

John 00 Fleming Presents Variations in Trance is available for purchase as a download for £34.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Variations in Trance