Loopmasters has launched a new royalty free sample collection that comes with all the elements needed to make future facing pop music with a distinct and authentic South American flavor.

Beautifully adaptable for Disco, Hip Hop and modern Dancehall styles, the dreamy Latin Flair collection bridges the divide between pop and off-grid dance, as inspired by producers including Monte Booker, Illangelo and Benny Blanco.

Zone in on progressive melodies made up of wavy synths, spacy arpeggios, powerful basslines and stack-shaking subs. Classic Latin percussion is naturally present, recorded with an ear on progressive sonics, encompassing crisp, tropical rims, futuristic percussion and sizzling snares. At the heart of Latin Flair is a powerful vocal performance, with Spanish-language lyrics delivered in a diverse range of tones and tempos, perfectly framed to chop and adapt with ease.

With 492MB of content reflecting what is now a truly global sound, Latin Flair’s royalty-free material is recorded in radio-friendly, studio quality 44,1Khz, with hits as well as MIDI and sampler patch opportunities for powerful optimization to your workflow and aesthetic. With loops recorded in the diverse spectrum of 80BPM to 140BPM, Latin Flair is charged with inspiration to make inventive, emotive music destined for chart success.

The Loopcloud-ready pack is priced £27.95 GBP, with parts also sold separately from £7.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters