Loopmasters has released two new sample libraries: Mr Mowgli Presents – Hip Hop, and Logical Soul and Hip Hop Elements.

Loopmasters Mr Mowgli Presents - Hip Hop

Mr Mowgli Presents – Hip Hop

Dedicated to his Art, and located deep beneath the streets in his bunker studio – the man named Mowgli has been hard at work for months processing the meanest, punchiest and dirtiest Hip Hop beats ready for his latest sample pack for Loopmasters, and we have finally managed to prise it from his fingers and bring it out for mass consumption!

Featuring a huge selection of street ready samples, Hip Hop from Mowgli is a great selection of his most precious samples and beats, mixed with due care and attention to ensure maximum impact every time.

With 50 Bass Heavy and Crunching Drum Loops, over 200 Heavyweight Drum samples, 38 Bass bin shaking Bass lines, 50+ Killer Synth and full Musical loops, 30 Super Fx, 30 Stabs and Hits, and 50 Synth Hits – you get everything you need to start making the next generation of Hip Hop anthems!

Loopmasters Logical Soul and Hip Hop Elements

Logical Soul and Hip Hop Elements

Logical Soul and Hip Hop is an all new collection of royalty free samples created for next generation hip hop and soul producers looking for live and programmed inspirational vibes to lift their productions.

This 475MB download pack features live played and funked up bass loops, more than 60 flava filled Drum and Percussion Loops (live and programmed), 16 Full Soul Synth parts, 28 Music Loops, 28 Soul vocals, 17 Guitar licks and over 100 Single Drum sounds!

If you move between traditional Hip Hop and Urban Soul productions and are looking for some quality beats, sounds and melodies to add to your collection – put your good foot forward and check out the Logical Soul and Hip Hop demo today!

Both sample libraries are available in various formats with prices ranging from £14.95 GBP to £24.95 GBP each.

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