Loopmasters has launched its new royalty-free sample pack Pandora’s Box – Techno, a collection of loops, one shot hits and MIDI files for your Techno music productions.

In Greek mythology, Pandora opened a forbidden container, unleashing all manner of trouble and strife. In this case, we guarantee any curses have been safely replaced with some of the most dynamic and versatile techno sounds in Loopmasters historical back catalogue. Once you’ve applied these loops, hits and MIDI to your productions, you won’t want to put the lid back on.

Elasticated drums, psychedelic breakdown material and electro-tinged synthesis form the backbone of this high-energy, fizzy sound pack that will settle nicely into Electro, EDM and even Melodic Techno styles. Packed with the charismatic, wonky energy of Soulwax or Boys Noize, as well as the big room techno impact of Adam Beyer or Amelie Lens, there are enough pounding drums, earthquake basslines and trippy textures to command a crowd and forge your own rave legend.

The sample pack costs £29.95 GBP, with parts sold separately starting from £7.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Pandora’s Box – Techno