Re:Produce 1 Komposit

Re:Produce 1 Stryke

Loopmasters has released Re:Produce 1 Komposit and Re:Produce 2 Stryke, two new sample libraries by Resonant Vibes.

The re:produce packs contain an average of roughly 100 MB of samples. They feature a variety of royalty-free 24-bit WAV audio files, complete with ready-to-use practical bonuses such as Battery kits.

They are set to pique your curiosity – and your speakers – with regular installments from in-demand artists like Phil K, Komposit, Stryke, TOWMF, Absence of Essence and many more! Whatever genre, style, sound or instrument you need, we’re confident that you’ll find it in one of our re:produce packs.

Re:Produce 1 Komposit features

  • 124 MB of killer techno and house sounds.
  • Includes beat loops, staple synth sounds, and a basic Komposit One-Hit pack with Battery kit
  • The beat loops and drum samples range in tempo from 122 to 128 bpm and are perfect for modern house, techno, and electro production.
  • The synth and noise sounds have warm undertones of dub techno and house along with tonal sounds fit for any genre of driving dance floor tunes.

Re:Produce 2 Stryke features

  • 17 Loops of with Corresponding ASD Files from 120 to 130 BPM
  • 11 Synth Sounds.
  • Recorded and rendered using Pro Tools 8, with the synths and textures all recorded in C Major across 5 octaves, from low to high (tempo of each loop in its file name).

Re:Produce 1 Komposit and Re:Produce 2 Stryke are available to purchase, priced at £14.95 GBP each.

More information: Loopmasters / rv_samplepacks