Loopmasters launched a royalty free collection that delivers cutting edge sound design and sci-fi musicality. Science of Sound – Deep Electronica is ready to inspire your next studio session with forward thinking production attitudes.

Science of Sound – Deep Electronica was made to bridge the gap between modern hyper pop sound design techniques and the visceral dark atmospheres of heady and moody electronica.
The pack’s inspiration came from the idea of treating synthetic sounds as though they were being captured from real world settings. To add an organic sense of place and movement that doesn’t feel like a digital afterthought.

Built to add soundscape focused weight, texture and dread to cinematic scores and electronica – as well as to provide tonally rich sources for granulators and further mangling through sound design processing.

The sample pack is priced £29.95 GBP. Parts are also available separately from £6.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters