Loopmasters has launched a superbly recorded and processed set of retro feel soul drum parts with Vintage Soul Drums, bringing fatness to your tracks that is seldom heard in the digital age.

Loopmasters Vintage Soul Drums

Vintage Soul Drums comes with a massive 3.17 GB of content in a broad range of tempos, feels and playing styles, so you’ll be able to inject soul into your rhythm sections across a variety of genres. Loops come in the form of drum fills, full drum loops and tambourine loops, and you also get a host of one-shots, with kick hits, snare samples, rim one-shots, crashes, rides and toms all included.

With tempos varying between 74-196bpm, these drum parts will work great with the named genre, but also funk, blues, hip-hop, trip-hop and any other vintage beat driven sounds!

The collection includes:

  • 270 Live Drum Loops.
  • 227 Live Drum Fills.
  • 19 Tambourine Loops.
  • 686 REX2 files.
  • 150 Drum Hits.
  • 16 soft sampler patches.
  • 10 Kong kits.

Vintage Soul Drums costs £34.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters