Loops de la Crème has announced 909 King of the Kicks, a massive collection of Roland TR-909 kicks: it features 20 kits and a total of 584 samples.

Each kit was recorded through one specific equipment chain, and contains up to 36 samples with various settings for the tune, level, attack and decay knobs.

A lot of studio gear (from esoteric high-end gear down to vintage fx pedals) was used, with the goal to stay true to the original punch and character of the analog drum machine while providing users with solid, useful and versatile kick sets.

909 King of the Kicks features

  • 20 kits are grouped in three folders:
    • kits A – NATURAL: 6 kits with subtle, efficient processing (peak-limiting, transistor reamping, Lowpass filter…)
    • kits B – UNDER CONTROL: more agressive EQ, various amounts of compression and/or harmonic saturation for controlled, versatile kicks. 6 kits.
    • kits C – FLAVOURS: 8 kits featuring different flavours of saturation and overdrive, from subtle to creamy to over the top.
  • 20 kits, 584 samples (24bit, 48khz mono WAV).
  • Total size unzipped: 52MB.

909 King of the Kicks is available to purchase for the introductory price of 6 EUR / $7.90 USD through February 2012.

More information: Loops de la Crème / 909 King of the Kicks