Loops de la Crème has launched Battle of the Mini Synths, a Kontakt instrument featuring the sounds of a collection of portable synths and toy keyboards.

Julien of Loops de la Cremè has collected a number of mini synths over the years. He loves the unique sound of them, but using the synths in the studio can be unpractical for various reasons.

Loops de la Creme Mini Synths Collection screen

Since I really wanted to use these sounds in a more efficient way in the studio, I started 6 years ago to sample them in great detail and recreate some favourite patches in Kontakt. I recently acquired a couple of new mini synths, and designed a practical Kontakt skin with presets and effects that could be used for all these keyboards.

The library Battle of the Mini Synths is the fruit of these efforts, it features 150 raw presets from 7 different mini synths, along with 8 drum kits and lots of additional patches and functions.

Each of the featured synth was chosen for its sounds, and lots of efforts were made to retain the character of the source and capture the essence of the raw presets.

Battle of the Mini Synths features

  • 150 multi-sampled raw presets from 7 different synths.
  • 8 drum kits, 152 drum samples.
  • 32 multis (pads, leads, bass, plucks, strings, SFX…).
  • Additional ‘keyboard split’ patches and presets.
  • 1,850 synth samples.
  • 20 custom IRs (reverb).
  • 2.1GB total content (uncompressed).

Battle of the Mini Synths costs 39 EUR (ex VAT in EU). Until October 1st, 2016, you can save 50% off in an introductory sale.

More information: Loops de la Crème / Battle of the Mini Synths