Loops de la Crème has introduced Instant Classic Breaks, a collection of drum loops.

Instant Inspiration, Instant Vibe, Instant Results

586 royalty-free drum loops (24bit, 48kHz, mono and stereo WAV)

Instant Classic Breaks features

  • 80 Vault Loops – Tight, warm, precise stereo sound, reminiscent of late 70s funk, disco and rock. Recorded on location in a jazz club on a Tama Starclassic.
  • 110 Tube Loops – Plenty of power and attitude for a more modern approach. Tracked and mixed on a TLA tube console.
  • 66 Mono Mic Loops – the real deal! All these loops were recorded using only one microphone for the whole kit. Lots of cool, vintage mics were used. An extensive, clever use of microphone pattern and positioning help achieve an instant classic sound, ready to integrate easily into your mixes!
  • 222 Multimono Loops – 2 sessions with different kits, cymbals and microphones. Every loop comes in 6 different microphone perspectives. All loops are time-aligned: mix and combine them to achieve an infinite variation of sounds!
  • 32 Reamped Loops – These loops were pitched and processed using analog compressors, saturation, tube EQs as well as digital processing. Use them as references and ideas to experiment with your own processing!
  • 62 Addon Loops – Recorded at various tempo and with several microphones, use these loops to give a touch of class and authenticity to your productions! You’ll find many loops using shakers, tambourines, cowbells, agogo bells…
  • 14 Vinyl Noise Loops – Includes vinyl cracks, hum and noises, as well as FX loops.

Instant Classic Breaks is available for the introductory price of 24 EUR until January 31st, 2013 (regular 42 EUR). A teaser pack with 22 loops is available as well.

More information: Loops de la Crème / Instant Classic Breaks