Loops de la Crème has announced the release of an add-on expansion pack for the Magic Jaw Harps instrument library for Kontakt.

With new samples, new instruments, and new functions, Melodic Jaw Harps elevates the original instrument to a whole new level. The add-on includes a new chromatic instrument with 13 new sound presets.

This new instrument lets you play the jaw harp in a melodic way, like a piano, over 6 octaves! But it even gets cooler: you can fully control the jaw harp mouth overtones with the Modulation Wheel, in a fun and intuitive way.

The instrument offers quick access to 15 different jaw harps, all based on different samples and various modeling and script for the MW-controlled mouth overtones. A mixer lets you add tongue, reeds, and frame transients to the main voice for extra realism and maximum flexibility.

A wide range of useful and inspiring sounds can be easily achieved, and an extra polyphonic patch is included, as well as 12 practical sound presets.

The expansion features 157 new samples recorded on 6 jaw harps, 10 new custom reverb Impulse Responses, and more.

Melodic Jaw Harps is on sale for the intro price of 8 EUR through February 28th, 2022 (regular 16 EUR). Magic Jaw Harps is also offered at a 50% discount during the promotion (14.50 EUR instead of 29 EUR). All prices ex. VAT for EU customers.

More information: Loops de la Crème