Casual Underground has updated its Loopseque music app for iPad to version 2.3.

Loopseque it’s a new music ecosystem which includes powerful sequencer, sampler, fx processor and record store with many beautiful releases from talented artists.

Playing Loopseque doesn’t require music education or any professional skills. An intuitive interface combined with inspiring sounds gives an opportunity to plunge into the world of music to everybody.

Loopseque serves as a catalyst for collective creativity both online and in real life. Here and now, any band can create its own music, easily and fun. Thanks to the social integration inside the app, all musicians can publish there records to the web and share projects with friends via e-mail.

Changes in Loopseque v2.3

  • Extra effects (two Delay modes, Filter with LFO, new Reverb and Repeater with reverse mode).
  • Built-in samples from presets in sample browser.
  • Audio copy/paste (with import and export).
  • Play/Stop button is finally added.

The app is available to purchase for $5.99 USD.

More information: Loopseque