Loopmasters has released a second batch of Looptone’s retro-flavored instrumental loops. Produced by The Baker Brothers’ RocDust aka Chris Pedley, Soul Magic 2 contains 4 brand new sets of 100% live drum, bass, guitar and horn section loops.

Each set has been performed and engineered with its own style and feel, and all of them are in 4/4 time apart from the 75bpm set, which serves up a slow shuffle in 6/8.

Every set centres on a focal collection of beats, chords and progressions, supplemented by a truckload of variations, solos, fills, licks and more, and with individual loops running at up to 16 bars in length. Mix, match and arrange them as you see fit to create custom ‘crate-dug’ grooves, breaks and authentic ensemble performances, or chop them up in your sampler to exploit their sonic components.

The same high-end analogue recording path used to give the original Soul Magic its fabulously warm sound and presence was set up again for Soul Magic 2, and processing was kept to ensure easy adaptability to any mix. The guitars and bass were amplified with a Fender Twin and ’70s Fender Bass Man amp respectively, while drums and cabinets were recorded through AKG C414 and Coles microphones, plumbed into Thermionic Culture Rooster and API 3124+ preamps.

Soul Magic 2 features

  • 79 Bass Guitar Loops.
  • 73 Live Drum Loops.
  • 145 Guitar Loops.
  • 74 Horn Section Loops.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £34.95 GBP.

More information: Looptone