The creators of Sampleism and Kontakt Hub have announced the launch of the new Loot Audio website.

Each month Loot Audio creates two special exclusive bundles containing audio software, sounds, samples, presets and instruments. Each bundle is carefully put together to offer the most flexibility for your projects and productions.

There are two unique packages to choose from.

Standard Bundle

With the Standard Bundle you can view all the products that it contains in advance, so you know what you are going to get at the end of the month. Loot Audio guarantees that the total value of the bundle will be worth at least 5 times the price you pay and, in many cases much more. In fact, the first Standard Bundle for the Month of May contains 13 products with a total value of over 10 times the price you pay.

The cost is £10 GBP per month and you can cancel at any time. You will only be charged when the bundle is released at the end of each month.

Surprise Bundle

This one’s a little different. In this collection Loot Audio does not reveal what is inside until it is launched. You can subscribe to the Surprise Bundle for £20 GBP a month. At the end of the month Loot Audio will reveal what it contains and you will be able to download the products from your account. The same guarantee applies – The value of the bundle will be worth at least 5 times the cost.

If you cancel at any time, any products in your account are yours to keep forever – no strings attached. If you already have a product contained in one of the Loot Audio bundles then they will exchange the relative cost for money-saving coupons at either Kontakt Hub or Sampleism. Contact Loot Audio for further details.

More information: Loot Audio