The Lower Rhythm Lord Byron

The Lower Rhythm has announced the release of Lord Byron, a fuzzbox effect plug-in for Windows.

Lord Byron is an extreme, yet utilitarian fuzzbox that favors blending the clean with the filthy. Capable of extreme gain from multiple sources as well as toneshaping via a three band equalizer,’character’ controls, a choking bitcrusher and a wet / dry mix, Lord Byron can take your sound from excited clean tones to starving sludge and everywhere inbetween.

Designed for guitar, this club-footed wonder takes just as well to bass, synth, drums and pretty much anything else that can’t run away screaming.

Lord Byron features

  • Stereo signal path.
  • Multiple gain sources.
  • Three band EQ (optimized for guitar).
  • Various tone character controls including bit crushing.
  • ‘Tube’ emulated dirty output channel with pre/post gain.
  • Wet/Dry output blending.

Lord Byron for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for $14.99 USD.

More information: The Lower Rhythm