LOSER Simple Verb (default Cantabile GUI)

LOSER (Michael Gruhn) has released a beta of Simple Verb, a freeware reverb VST plugin.


  • Room Size (some abitrary random made up scaling factor)
  • Damping
  • Low/High-pass
  • Wet/Dry controls

Simple Verb was coded in C++ and uses very little CPU.

Note: this plugins does not have a GUI (uses default host GUI) and it’s still in beta. The reverb has no early reflections (yet).

Visit LOSER’s website to download the latest version of Simple Verb.

While you’re there, check out some other plugins currently in beta as well: Advanced Peak-1 Limiter, 0-X Maximizer, Transient Shaper, Simple Peak-7 Limiter and Program Dependent Compressor.