Lostin70’s Audio has announced an update to the Bull Deluxe Amplifier software, an amp emulation for Windows, Mac and iOS.

Fasten your seat belts, the Big Bull is here. Do you play rock, heavy metal, hard rock, hardcore, metal stuff, rock stuff or even blues? This amp is for you! You have wallpaper to peel off, this app is for you too. You can try the full demo version for free before purchasing the full version. The clean channel ranges from flat and crystal-clear sound to crunchy rocky / bluesy sound. The channel at high gain goes from loud rock to crazy sound!

The version 1.1.1 update features integrated real-time and zero delay impulse response convolution tools:

  • You can load op to 1000ms length impulse response.
  • The IR processor is optimized to keep CPU low without need of pre IR delay.
  • Navigate easily between your IR’s folders.
  • Fast IR switching.
  • Accepts all “.wav” files, whatever the sampling frequency (IR are resampled to process frequency).
  • Last Loaded IR and IR folder are saved in your preset.

Bull Deluxe Amplifier for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU) is priced 5.49 EUR. A free demo is available to try the software. The iOS version is free, with in-app purchase available to unlock features.

More information: Lostin70’s Audio