Louder Than Liftoff has announced CHROMA+, a highly customizable stereo / dual mono tracking and mixing channel designed for modern hybrid studios that want more results in less space.

Louder Than Liftoff Chroma Plus

CHROMA+ utilizes Louder Than Liftoff’s celebrated Twin Tone-Amp architecture and Tone Shaping EQ, derived from the very circuits used in the acclaimed Silver Bullet.

Answering the call for flexibility and customization, CHROMA+ delivers with its twin topology (A or N) line processor and mic/instrument amp and adds an exciting twist – an analog plugin slot in each channel accepting Colour Modules.

This feature allows additional processing like tube saturation, compression, or additional EQ bands to be inserted into the signal path and mixed with CHROMA+’s classic ‘A’ or ‘N’ inspired MOJO Amps for the ultimate in front and back end versatility. There’s even a Mega Mono Mode for cascading the full arsenal of CHROMA+ into a 4-stage channel strip.

CHROMA+ features

  • Mic or Mix/Line/Instrument mode.
  • 48V phantom power.
  • Polarity Reverse.
  • Mix/Line/Instrument Gain: 0 to +26 dB, +26 to +52 dB (High Gain mode).
  • Mic Gain: +8 to +34 dB, +34 to +60 dB (High Gain mode).
  • Selectable ‘A’ and ‘N’ inspired MOJO Amps – same as in Silver Bullet.
  • 2x Colour-compatible analog plugin slots.
  • Colour Drive: -6 to +18 dB.
  • Colour Mix: crossfade blend of processed and dry signal.
  • Auto-switching stereo DI inputs for Instruments.
  • Feeds entire CHROMA signal path for full MOJO Amp coloration and Colour slot processing.
  • Retro Mode alters loading and frequency response for a rounder tone.
  • DI gain = +10 dB, selectable via internal jumper to 0 or +20 dB.
  • DI 2 input can be configured as a THRU jack via an internal jumper.
  • Mega Mono channel mode (CH 1>2) feeds channel 1 output into channel 2 input.
  • Baxandall Tone Boost EQ.
  • LF (+3 dB): Pultec-inspired Subsonic (30 Hz) and Bass (60 Hz) frequencies.
  • HF (+4 dB): Presence and Air frequencies.
  • Vintage: softens high-frequency response to emulate vintage British consoles.
  • Custom American made transformers.
  • ROGUE FIVE discrete op-amps designed by Louder Than Liftoff, conforming to standard 2520 footprint.
  • Signal present indicator and bi-directional meter.
  • Powered by new ultra-low noise Hypermatter PSU.
  • All circuit components were chosen by ear for maximum MOJO.

The initial run of CHROMA+ will begin shipping in late January 2020. A pre-order discount of $150 USD is available to those that purchase CHROMA+ before December 31st, 2019. Prices will revert to RRP on January 1st, 2020.

CHROMA+ Standard is available to pre-order for $1,399 USD; CHROMA+ Tube, Comp & EQ is $1,499 USD.

More information: Louder Than Liftoff

Louder Than Liftoff Chroma Plus