LP24 Audio has launched a new collection of out-of-this-world sounds and samples with Galaxia, featuring Serum presets, loops, and MIDI files.

Constructed by composer and sound designer extraordinaire Jens Kiilstofte, the pack is designed to empower modern music composers and producers who enjoy exploring the futuristic and stimulating sounds of the great unknown.

GALAXIA delivers 91 exceptionally crafted Serum Presets, 91 corresponding loops and 91 MIDI files.

Each Serum preset has all 4 macros carefully assigned for maximum sound sculpting and creative automation. Many of the 91 presets include mod wheel assignments to filter or timbral controls.

GALAXIA is an opus of sound that makes music creation fun and explorative. We’ve uncovered a wide spectrum of inspiration, hand picking only the most useful Serum Presets possible. The attention to detail and clarity of sounds is absolutely breathtaking and on a cosmic scale…

Galaxia features

  • 16 Ambiences and Atmospheres (hold a note and new worlds unfold).
  • 19 Melodic Arpeggios (perfectly syncopated lead rhythmic ideas).
  • 17 Basslines (sequenced bass patterns while holding a note down).
  • 8 Bass (deep and powerful low end punch and sustaining power).
  • 5 Hit/FX (thunderous booms, stabs, impacts, and sonic smashes).
  • 5 Keys (perfect for melody writing or custom arps).
  • 2 Leads (soaring, heavenly sonics).
  • 15 Pads (majestic, deep, evolving and moody).
  • 4 Stabs (brams, big horn stabs, heavy synth hits).

The sound pack is available from Loopmasters for £28.95 GBP.

Also released recently is Bass House Essentials, a collection of Serum presets for the modern electronic music producer.

LP24 Bass House Essentials

Inside you’ll find 60 instantly gratifying next level Basses, Horns, Leads, and Plucks to elevate the impact of your music productions. Each preset has been carefully reverse engineered to replicate sounds from bangers you’d hear at EDC, Tomorrowland, Coachella, WMC, and EDM festivals from around the globe.

Bass House Essentials delivers a wealth of creative expression for your music, just like you’d expect from our award winning sound collections. Easily make sounds your own by tweaking the assigned macros on every Serum Preset in the collection.

The pack costs £18.95 GBP.

More information: LP24 Audio