LP24 has released SERUM Electro Essentials, a collection of 36 presets for the Serum synthesizer by Xfer Records, perfectly crafted for both budding producers and professionals alike.

Inside you’ll find 36 stunningly crafted electro and club inspired patches that are going to have you and your fans coming back for more. COLOUR DISTRICT doesn’t mess around– He’s created an inspiring set of banger patches including deep, sub-dominating bass that’ll shake the walls. Wait until you experience the perfectly calibrated soaring leads that will get front row attention in your next production. The soft and hauntingly warm pads and plucks are so deep and thought provoking that you might need to grab a tissue (not included in this pack). And you’ll unlock an amazing set of sound effects and sequenced melodic riffs that are sure to inspire all.

As with all out packs, all macros are assigned for that instant gratification and wild production moves that set you apart!

The soundset is on sale for $8.49 USD for a limited time (regular $16.99 USD).

LP24 has also released SERUM Beast Mode Essentials, a collection of 41 Serum patches meticulously programmed with the top inspirations in the business in mind.

FEVRA doesn’t mess around with his sound design prowess–He’s created earth shattering ,throbbing, talking, womping and all around relentlessly ‘now’ basses. The leads screech and soar over a mix with a pristine clarity. The sequenced melodic patterns and arp riffs add movement and life to your track that will keep your audience coming back for more. The pads and effects add that sweet emotional glue that your next-level productions need.

As usual with all our products–LP24 takes full advantage of the features of SERUM. All macros and the MOD Wheel is assigned for that instant gratification and those wild production moves that set you apart from the crowd!

The soundset is on sale for $8.99 USD (regular $17.99 USD).

More information: ADSR Sounds