LSRaudio has announced TUBEnhance, a dual band tube driver effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

TUBEnhance has a hot tube in it’s core. It gives you the famous analog non-linearity that creates a warm and rich sound. The amount of drive of each of the two independent bands depends on the “Balance” and “Drive” knobs.

LSRaudio TUBEnhance

TUBEnhance vintage dual band tube driver by LSRaudio.

TUBEnhance features

  • 2 bands, with adjustable cross-over frequency.
  • Adjustable tube gain, from subtle warming to hot overdrive.
  • independant bass and treble drive.
  • Adjustable shape control to add asymmetry and harmonics.
  • Mono, stereo and multi-channel.

TUBEnhance for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is scheduled for release Summer, 2012.

More information: LSRaudio