LSRaudio has announced WARMultipress, a multi-band compressor effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

WARmultipress is a tube multiband compressor plugin for VST et AU hosts on Mac and Windows.

It features a tube distortion emulation dependent on frequency (drives more treble than bass). It also reproduces audio tape frequency response (Ampex ATR 102).

LSR Audio WARMultipress

LSR Audio WARMultipress reproduces the unique subtle sound coloration of audio tapes.

WARMultipress features

  • 3 bands, with adjustable cross-over frequencies.
  • Pre gain and post gain for each band compressor.
  • Hybrid peak / RMS level detection.
  • Optional soft knee compression curve.
  • Adjustable tube gain, from subtle warming to hot overdrive.
  • Frequency dependant drive.
  • Adjustable shape control to add asymmetry and harmonics.
  • Optional reel to reel tape emulation.
  • Mono and stereo.

WARMultipress for Windows and Mac (VST/AU, RTAS planned) is expected to be available Summer 2012.

More information: LSRaudio