Luftrum has posted a progress update on the upcoming Luftrum 15 soundset for the Prophet-6, a 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer.

Since late May I have crafted patches for the DSI Sequential Prophet-6 and the soundset is around 60% completed at the time of writing, with an estimated release around mid October.

The Prophet-6 soundset will be Luftrum 15 and will feature a collection of 100 patches, stored in the 100-199 bank location and consisting of warm analog pads, evocative and sparkling arpeggios, delicate, drifting synth keys and synthwave style basslines. I will regularly post audio demos of individual patches in the SoundCloud playlist below, as sounds are forged and unfold beneath my hands. They will be named in the playlist after the patch number they are saved in, making them easy to recall.

The soundset is already 75% done according to the progress update of September 28th. Check out some of the patches in the SoundCloud player below.

More information: Luftrum