Luftrum has launched a new Omnisphere 2 sound library in collaboration with Sonic Underworld.

A collection of 400 patches, the Gemina for Omnisphere 2 library provides a massive arsenal to augment your existing palette of modern dystopian sounds.

Gemina’s broad tapestry of sonics is brought to life with extensive use of Omnisphere’s modulation system. In particular its multi-segment envelopes combined with its arpeggiator, provide excellent starting points for your journey. Accompanying you through your travels are evocative sequences, ballistic basses, corroded rhythmic pulses, and feral leads.

You will also encounter evolving oxidized pads, radioactive soundscapes, distorted keys and moody guitars. Regroup and refit with salvaged polysynths and expressive hybrid instruments. Along for the ride are errant, unnerving FX, gripping hits and sweeps, as well as inspiring transitions.

Cinema and game composers will benefit greatly from Gemina’s dark brooding beauty. The versatility of this set goes further, and the inherent subtleties will find a place in any modern production in need of melancholy grit.

Gemina is available to purchase for $79 USD. Use promo code REKKERD at the checkout to get a 10% discount on this library, or any other product at the Luftrum store.

More information: Luftrum