Luftrum has announced a new Kontakt instrument based entirely on uncommon field recordings and found sounds.

Bioscape will feature everything from hydrophonic desert wind to abandoned factory drones, from ghostly ringing rocks to cracking icy rivers, from murmuring lake creatures to steampunk gearworks, from icelandic geysers to electromagnetic tesla coils.

Luftrum Bioscape

Bioscape is about making natural sounds come to life through transformation and motion. It is a multifaceted instrument for organic and moving textures, odd cinematic pulses, earthy risers and impacts, to skin-tingling ASMR sounds, strange effects and underscoring ambiences but Bioscape is also very suitable for subtle playable timbres, with atypical and elusive sounds ranging from resonant keys and textural pads to otherworldly harmonics. Tonality derives from the field recordings alone.

Bioscape is scheduled for release later this year, after having been under development for two years. It will run in the free Kontakt Player.

More information: Luftrum