Luftrum has announced the first details of its upcoming pad instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

You have yet to hear two different Prophet-6 pads stacked and playable in 16 note polyphony, layered with radio fallouts from the ionosphere and topped with a Diva synth transient… this is Lunaris. From my own idea and hand sketch to final interface by Koke Gomez, the guy behind Tarilonte’s work. Lunaris is a Kontakt based pad instrument, containing 100 multisampled 24bit pads from classic analog pads to shimmering pads over cinematic stringpads, to rhythmic pads, organic ambient pads and any pad in between – sampled from software and hardware with almost 30 Luftrum pads from the Prophet-6.

Combine the pads with over 100 overtone topping layers of field recordings, synth transients and synth soundscapes to create the perfect pad structure which can be layered, stacked and individually fx’d through four different layers in more than 450 million source combinations.

Lunaris is boasting a massive 6GB of data and shipping with a yet to be created amount of pad presets, including original pads from all the major Luftrum volumes. Lunaris incorporates new innovative features such as the Flux Motion and the Filter Split which I will get into later. The scripting of Lunaris is done by the Kontakt oracle Mario Kruselj.

The sampling, GUI and scripting are done, but pricing and availability are yet to be announced.

More information: Luftrum