Brad of Brad Sucks wrote in to let us know that TaggedFrog now supports audio file previews.

I bugged the author of (delicious/flickr style) file tagging software TaggedFrog to add support for audio file previews and v1.0.1 has it. (Make sure you grab and install Croak on the download page.)

I’m also told if you need mp3 support to download the irrKlang library and place the irrKlang.NET2.0.dll file in the root folder of your TaggedFrog installation. It’ll automatically enable mp3s in TaggedFrog. (It’s not included due to licensing issues.)

This is a pretty great solution for Windows musicians looking for something similar to Audiofinder for the Mac. Thanks Andrei!

TaggedFrog allows you to organize your files, documents and web links simply by tagging them with keywords.

TaggedFrog features

  • Drag. Drop. Tag. – Drop data from File Explorer or Web Browser.
  • Tag Cloud – Fast and intuitive access to your files.
  • Simple and Clean – Everything you need, nothing you don’t.
  • Multi-Language – English, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish.
  • Organize with Ease – Tags, filters and sets.
  • Windows Integration – Explorer context menu support.
  • Automation – Scan and tag, Auto-tagging.

TaggedFrog is available as freeware for Windows PC.

Visit Lunar Frog Software for more information.