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Lunaris Pads Part 1: Introduction, audio demo & presets walkthrough


Luftrum has posted the first video in a series of three that will cover the sounds and features of its upcoming Lunaris pad instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt Player.

In this vid there will be a short introduction to Lunaris followed by the main audio demo, a walkthrough of 30 of the presets included.

Lunaris ships with over 240 pad presets from classic analog pads to lush ambient pads, deep pads, cinematic pads and any pad in between, including some 30 original Luftrum pads from the Prophet-6. Lunaris also contains sequenced pads from underscoring elements to more contemporary rhythmic patterns plus a selection of dark, avantgarde and obscure pads. The 240 presets are created by world-class sound designers such as Arksun, Himalaya, Luftrum, Martin Walker, Adam Pietruszko, Twolegs Toneworks and Brandon Clark.

At the heart of Lunaris are more than 2700 individual samples and over 200 NKI instruments of multisampled pads, field recordings, synth transients and soundscapes to combine, sculpt and shape into the perfect pad structure.

Not only is Lunaris a dream pad machine, it is also a full bodied creative tool that can excel at anything from soundscapes to synth leads, as well as drones and organic textures, complementing both the producer, composer and the sound designer.

Lunaris is scheduled for release in July, 2017.

More information: Luftrum

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