Danish guitar pedal company Lunastone has announced the launch of Boost 18, a significant upgrade to the previously released The Pusher boost pedal.

Lunastone Boost

The Pusher has been very successful for the company, yet one wish from guitarists has been to not only being able to push their tone to the edge of the cliff, but beyond and off the cliff. With this valuable feedback from the field, Lunastone set out to meet this demand.

The new Boost 18 that shares the same small footprint and flavorful tone of its predecessor. The Pusher offered 15 dB of clean boost, and as the name suggests Boost 18 adds another three clicks to the table with its 18 dB of clean boost.

“Boost 18 will deliver even more clean boost than The Pusher did, but of course it has the same sonic flavor,” says Steen Grøntved, founder and Head Engineer of Lunastone Pedals. “Why would we change its ‘personality? Every guitarist we have heard back from loved the sound of the pedal, but some of them could use just a little more juice.

Well, we hard you and that is exactly what we have maneged to cram into Boost 18: The same non-transparent tone. I have deliberately tweaked it to add flavor, and as a result we have seen many players who actually uses The Pusher as an always-on preamp pedal, simply because they love the natural tube-like sound of it. Now they can continue to do so with Boost 18, but also get an additional kick when using it for boosting.”

Boost 18 features

  • Independent +18 dB level boost.
  • Beef up rhythm parts, lift solos or push your drive to the max.
  • Tiny footprint.
  • High-quality components.
  • True-bypass switching.

Boost 18 is now available for 109 EUR/USD. Simultaneously with the launch of Boost 18, The Pusher will be discontinued.

More information: Lunastone