Lunastone Pedals has announced the launch of its first-ever digital pedal. So far, the Danish effects pedal company has been known for its analog, tube-like overdrive and boost circuits, but now a brand new chapter is about to be opened.

Digital Delay is Lunastone’s first digital pedal and it will be on demo and display at NAMM booth 3930.

Lunastone Dynamic Delay

The aim for the new Dynamic Delay was not to reinvent delay processing, but to create a delay pedal that simply sounds musical and offers a tone with great definition.

Lunastone founder, Steen Grøntved, has designed all of the company’s pedals up to this point – and the keyword that sums up all of his creations so far is ‘analog’.

Steen Grøntved is no stranger to digital signal processing, but to make sure that the integration-of-a-digital-algorithm debut would set the bar as high as possible, near-legendary forces were brought in. Morten Lave spent more than two decades with TC Electronic and TC Applied Technologies, developing digital signal processing tools and digital integration with hardware.

For instance, he was one of the key drivers behind the absolutely-legendary digital processing algorithms inside the M5000 and System 6000, which – along with the ‘2290’ delay unit – changed the studio recording and guitar effects processing game forever back in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Digital Delay features

  • Digital Delay – with an Analog Edge!
  • Dynamic Feature Adjusts to Your Attack and Playing Style.
  • Adjust Mix and Repeat with Your Foot on the Fly.
  • All Analog and Warm-Sounding Mix Circuit.
  • Buffered Bypass or True Bypass for Tail Control.
  • Dedicated Tap Tempo Footswitch.
  • Beautiful Scandinavian design.
  • High-quality Components.
  • Soft switching w/ relay.
  • Giant LED that lets you know when you’re on.

The pedal will be available Q2 2019 for a MSRP of $249 USD / 249 EUR ex VAT.

More information: Lunastone Pedals