LVC-Audio has released updates for ClipShifter, HotPhuzz, PhreePhuzz, PreAMPed, Toned, TonedPLUS, and Transector.

LVC-Audio TonedPLUS

LVC-Audio TonedPLUS, a specialized tone shaping effect plug-in.

Changes in LVC-Audio plug-ins

  • Improved HQ oversampling.
  • Update for compatibility with Pro Tools 11.2 (AAX).
  • Text entry fix for controls with negative-only values (e.g., typing “5” will automatically be recognized as -5).
  • Improve meter reset when clicking on the VU Text readout (on most plugins).
  • Standardized meter ballistics across all plugins.
  • Signed OS X installers.
  • Fixed unnecessary fast fade-in when playback was stopped and started.
  • Revised preset loading and saving function to “future-proof” loading older presets in new version of plugin.
  • TonedPLUS: New 2x drive control for more saturation.
  • TonedPLUS: New auto gain control to automatically adjust the output gain level.
  • TonedPLUS: New wide range two-band parametric EQ – this is a lot of knobs, but they are worth it.
  • Toned: Increased the Drive control to +18 dB for a little more grit.
  • Transector: finally, support for AAX and RTAS on OS X.
  • PreAMPed: new frequency-variable noise algorithm as used on TonedPLUS.

The updates are now available to download.

More information: LVC-Audio