LVC-Audio PreAMPed

LVC-Audio has released version 1.0.1 of PreAMPed, an effect plug-in that is designed to simulate many of the analog qualities of hardware preamplifiers.

This includes subtle EQ response curves, low- and high- frequency saturation, differences between left and right signals, crosstalk, noise, transformer/coil impulse response, and saturation and EQ changes due to gain changes.

PreAMPed utilizes over forty separate parameters to determine each of the preamp modules within PreAMPed. As a tool, PreAMPed can be used on multiple tracks to provide subtle enhancement to individual track elements, or on overall mixes.

Changes in PreAMPed v1.0.1

  • New bypass buttons for preamp, saturation, EQs, and stereo controls.
  • New routing button to switch processing order of EQ, Saturation, and Preamp.
  • New Saturation Type selector with two distinct saturation algorithms.
  • New 2x, 4x, and 8x oversampling with linear-phase filtering and latency compensation for mix control.
  • New A->B comparison ability to each knob (double-click will return the knob to the previous value, and right-clicking a knob will set a new previous value).
  • New finer knob control using the alt and shift keys in combination with the mouse.
  • Improved distortion modelling on several preamp models.
  • Fixed frequency shifts of preamp models when changing models with oversampling engaged.
  • Made demo bypass less annoying (shorter duration of bypassed sound, and longer intervals between bypassed sound).
  • Fixed latency reset issues when using the bypass control.
  • Fixed preset loading to ensure that controls were initialized to correct values.
  • Improved registration process (registration files saved in common location).
  • Improved waveform display.
  • Fixed VST3 initialization errors.
  • Fixed Clip LED from remaining stuck on when knob was adjusted.
  • Fixed overlapping text (increased GUI size).
  • Improved preamp buttons.
  • Improved knob position indicators on small knobs.

PreAMPed is available to purchase for $47.70 USD. Previous LVC-Audio customers can receive a 10% discounted price for PreAMPed.

More information: LVC-Audio / PreAMPed