Plugin Boutique has launched an introductory sale on DRmeter MkII, a universal and comprehensive loudness and dynamics metering solution from the guys who created DR and helped build R128.

DRMeter MkII is the first loudness meter designed for general use and specifically for music production. It is also the only loudness meter that displays channel–specific trends and events by augmenting the mandated mono measurement with classic L/R metering, and it is the first plugin to offer official DR dynamic range measurement.

With this product, MAAT premiers the Dynamic Deviation function, an intuitive presentation of current dynamic density compared to Target Loudness. Furthermore, DRM2 is the first loudness meter to display both Relative and Absolute scales simultaneously.

Current Loudness meters were designed to strictly conform to the R128 and A/85 Loudness measurements standards. While DRMeter MkII conforms 100% to all international standards, with higher accuracy than many competing products, we wanted more and we think you will too. Conceived by MAAT’s own Friedemann Tischmeyer, a member of the EBU’s ploud group that created R128, DRMeter MkII addresses the needs of modern audio pros, who jump from commercial work and CD prep and mastering to an industrial promo soundtrack or VO for a DOOH client.

Relax. Whatever job walks in the door, you know your measurement needs are met. Rest easy knowing no matter what genre or flavor of content you produce, DRMeter MkII will guide you toward the best possible master for your specific deliver platform or medium. DRMeter MkII, the Loudness Meter for all of us.

DRMeter MkII is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) at the intro price of $129 USD until March 31st, 2018. Owners of DRMeter can upgrade for $99 USD.

More information: MAAT DRmeter MkII