Mabelton Audio has launched the Arturia Collection, a software package that allows you to browse, load and control the factory presets from Arturia virtual instruments from inside Ableton Push.

Mabelton Audio Arturia Collection

It’s taken over 3 weeks of painstaking (and quite boring) work, but now we’re very pleased to present our full package – including most of Arturia’s V collection (please see product description for details), Sylenth and Diva.

This is the quickest way to be able to browse, load and control the parameters of all these Vsts from within Push, instantly.

Arturia Collection features

  • 11,400 configured preset racks that will allow you to:
    • Browse the factory presets for each instrument from Push.
    • Load up the presets from Push.
    • Control the knobs and sliders on the Vsts from Push’s encoders.
  • Includes preset racks for Analog Lab (incl. 5,000 ‘sound’ presets, organized alphabetically, and ‘multi’ presets), Arp 2600, CS80V2, Jupiter V, Mini V, Modular V, Oberheim V, Prophet V, Wurlitzer V, and Spark VDM.

The Arturia Collection pack is available to purchase for £10.99 GBP. A pack without Mini V and Modular V is also offered for £7.50 GBP. A Full Collection pack (Arturia, Diva, Sylenth1) is £14.99 GBP. The packs require Ableton Live 9 and the corresponding Arturia instrument plugins.

More information: Mabelton Audio