Madrona Labs has updated its Aalto, Kaivo and Virta software synthesizers for Windows and Mac.

Madrona Labs Aalto

My work the past two months has been on platform compatibility, bug fixes and optimization. The stuck notes in certain hosts including Reaper are no more. Audio glitches that popped up sometimes in Kaivo have been put to rest, I think. CPU use should be around 20% less across the board.

I’m particularly excited about the CPU improvement this time, because there’s more on the way. The gains this time came from rewriting parts of madronalib, my DSP library, but the plugins haven’t been completely converted to use the new code. When I can do that, there should be another big boost in efficiency.

Changes in Aalto, Kaivo & Virta

  • Reduced CPU use.
  • Fixed dial display updates when changing number of voices.
  • Fixed hanging notes problem with some hosts including FL Studio and REAPER.
  • Fixed an issue with dial quantizing.
  • Kaivo: fixed an issue where audio could freeze.

The plugins are available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: Madrona Labs

Madrona Labs Virta

Madrona Labs Kaivo