MAGIX has introduced its collection of effective multitools—ranging from Audio Cleaning Lab 2016 and Audio & Music Lab 2016 Premium to Rescue Your Vinyls and Tapes!—for recording, editing and optimizing audio data.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 2016, with its 1-click solutions and more than 290 presets, is an elegant solution for entering into the world of audio editing. The program can, for example, quickly and easily improve the sound quality from smartphone recordings. The latest version of Audio Cleaning Lab features the impressive and newly optimized Auto Mastering tool, which can be used to digitally remaster music using rapid analysis and direct comparisons of the acoustic qualities of different styles of music. Imported CDs can be supplemented with not only song information, but also album covers downloaded automatically over the Internet. Additional impressive points of interest include both the optimized display on high-resolution 4K and HD monitors and the touch-controlled user interface.

Audio Cleaning Lab 2016 shows its true strengths when combined with the premium USB preamp. This combination of hardware and software makes up the popular complete package, Rescue Your Vinyls and Tapes! 2016, which is available now in stores. This duo can be used to record analog media to your PC for acoustic restoration. Special presets for optimizing digitized vinyl records, tapes and cassettes can remove noise and pops in a matter of seconds. Following restoration, the audio files can be saved in all standard formats and saved to a wide variety of media, such as hard drives, CDs or smartphones. The high-quality premium USB preamp is perfectly tuned to work with Audio Cleaning Lab 2016, making it easy and to digitize and revitalize old media.

MAGIX Audio & Music Lab 2016 Premium is the head of this product family and was designed to meet the highest demands in the area of audio editing and video sound optimization. For the first time ever, this program contains over 6000 Internet radio stations, which are available for free browsing to discover new music and programs. The program also features updates to its visuals and work flows: All internal effects and Auto Mastering have been intuitively integrated into the program interface, making the audio editing process not only more aesthetic, but also considerably faster. In addition to advanced sound optimization with the aid of professional tools, such as spectral editing, video sound is also a point of focus for the program. Videos can be imported in various formats, acoustically optimized using templates, and finally converted into a different file format. Creative freedom has also been expanded in MAGIX Audio & Music Lab 2016 Premium thanks to five extra effects plug-ins which make detailed vocal recording editing and synthetic sound design possible. Direct access to effects parameters, as well as a VST interface for the seamless integration of external plug-ins, provide even more room for play. Fans of Audio Cleaning Lab will find themselves right at home in Audio & Music Lab 2016 Premium and will experience a deepened and more expansive audio editing tool for all their restoration needs.

The Cleaning Lab 2016 Family is available online now.


  • MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 2016 MSRP: $59.99 USD.
  • MAGIX Rescue Your Vinyl Tapes! 2016 MSRP: $99.99 USD.
  • MAGIX Audio & Music Lab 2016 Premium MSRP: $99.99 USD.

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