Mainstage Impacts Vol 1

Mainstage Impacts Vol 2

Mainstage Sounds has announced the relesae of Mainstage Impacts Volume 1 and Volume 2, two sound fx sample libraries featuring high-end premium cut impacts.

Mainstage Impacts Vol. 1 is one of the most comprehensive Impact tools on the market for high-end music production. Impacts Vol. 1 comes with 500 cinematic slams, paranormal collisions, epic explosions, apocalyptic blasts, sub bombs, colossal detonations, and expressive impacts. Each sound was created with great detail so you can freely sculpt your performance from the subtle to the vibrant.

Continuing the high-end Impact series is Impacts Vol. 2, a passionate impact library that comes with 500 thunderous shocks, massive explosions, colossal collisions, apocalyptic slams, sub-rattling blasts, mammoth clashes, and dramatic impacts. Each sound has been painstakingly designed for serious producers seeking the most pristine quality in impact sound design.

The sound packs are available to purchase for $25 USD each.

Visit Mainstage Sounds for more information.