Maizesoft Sampler

Maizesoft has released Maize Sampler version 1.2, a full-fledged VST sampler.

All you need to do is mapping the samples to the notes, then Maize Sampler will respond to external MIDI messages and play back the mapped samples accordingly.


  • Propagate (VSTi export)
  • Keyswitching between 12 independent layers
  • Disk-streaming
  • Sample-mapping, velocity layering, and sample looping
  • 16 channels, 4 stereo output, 32 polyphonies
  • Supports 8, 16, 24 bit sample rate
  • Built-in simple reverb and EQ
  • Standalone mode
  • Choke group, release trigger
  • Soundfont to Maize Sampler converter
  • Sample preview (right click on sample list)

For a limited time, Maize Sampler can be purchased for $66 USD (a 25% discount on the regular price of $88 USD).

Visit Maizesoft for more information and a link to download the demo for Maize Sampler v1.2.