MakeProAudio has announced that the highly anticipated first ever DIY MakeKit synthesizer DinoPark is now available.

MakeProAudio DinoPark

The first multi-model DIY synth MakeKit and best sounding maker project board ever produced, offers the finest quality and most affordable Classic Synth emulation available anywhere – the only classic synth emulation offering as latency-free hardware.

Dino Park is a multi-specialist that performs as responsive zero-latency hardware, that can emulate a very large sonic spectrum of synthesis and delivers superior sound quality.

Dino Park features

  • DIY Multi Modeling Synthesizer in different versions.
  • Extends any keyboard setup with the true-to-original sound and glamour of the classics.
  • Easy to assemble, one screwdriver is all it takes.
  • Three Classic Synth models pre-installed and ready to play.
  • Up to 32 Synth models can be stored in on-board memory.
  • 50 factory presets and 50 user memories per model.
  • Simple user interface.
  • VSTi Editor Software (free download).
  • Compact, robust housing.
  • Available in different versions.
  • Can be integrated into Arduino or Raspberry Pi projects.
  • Extended hardware control with “Dino Dials” (available soon).
  • Expandable without limits.
  • Can be integrated via glue into networks in which the network itself becomes an instrument.

Every Dino Park comes with the legendary Minimax, Pro12 and Prodyssey pre-installed, with more exciting synth models available soon.

The Dino Dark modular modeling synth is available now with various options:

  • Dino Park Board (DSP Board with many connection possibilities): 279 EUR.
  • Dino Park Maker board bundle (DSP board with many connection options, connectors, Dino display): 299 EUR.
  • Dino Park MakeKit (DSP board with many connection possibilities, connections, housing, power supply): 399 EUR.
  • Dino Park MakeKit EX (DSP board with many connection possibilities, connectors, housing; expansion board with MIDI, SPDIF, analog inputs, power supply): 469 EUR.
  • Dino Park MakeKit EXL (DSP-Board with many connection possibilities, connections, larger housing – space for two DSP boards with many connection possibilities, expansion board with MIDI, SPDIF, analog inputs), power supply: 519 EUR.

More information: MakeProAudio

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