Makunouchi Bento Rorgang v0.9 Beta

Felix Petrescu (waka x) of Makunouchi Bento has released Rorgang v0.9 Beta, a synth simular to Organg, but with resonant filters to get more tones.


  • Resonance models + amp on resonance (resonance module by Rick Jelliffe)
  • ADSR controls
  • Speed + Depth – rotator (pan)
  • Instability slider (that is the “magic” slider – character maker)
  • Treble – brightness of the sound
  • Power – 1st amp (gentle one)
  • Balance – pan
  • Gain – second amp (analog simulation)

Like Organg, this synth does not have a limiter on the output so be careful.

Visit Makunouchi Bento for more information on Rorgang v0.9 beta or download it below.

 Rorgang v0.9 Beta (Download size: 2.08 MB)