BigSwingFace has announced the release of GigLand, a Kontakt library developed by professional working keyboard players to manage live performance setups in Kontakt.

GigLand was designed to make the creation of live-performance setups in Kontakt quick and easy. It runs as a MultiScript in the header of a Kontakt multi.

All the settings of Gigland are retained when the multi is saved, allowing for recalling entire sets in seconds. Combined with Instrument Banks in the Kontakt rack, nearly limitless possibilities are possible.

GigLand features

  • 128 Scenes.
  • 16 zones per scene.
  • Zone volume, expression, transpose, key range..
  • Program changes sent for each zone, for Instrument Banks.
  • Select scenes with program changes or MIDI control messages.
  • Increment scenes with MIDI control messages.
  • Favorites page allows scenes to be called up in any order.
  • Select favorites with MIDI CC or program changes..
  • 16 Favorites banks for different sets/songs.
  • Save entire setups as Kontakt multi-sets.

GigLand for Kontakt 6 is available for $24.95 USD.

More information: BigSwingFace

BigSwingFace GigLand 2

BigSwingFace GigLand