ManyTone Music ManyGuitar

ManyGuitar is a guitar and bass sample based synthesizer with over 1.2 gig of 24 bit samples.

The ManyGuitar sound library includes a wide range of guitars and basses. Each instrument has been extensively multi sampled, often at several velocities and with a mute layer included. In addition to the single note samples, there are some chord sets and also some great new lead guitar styles.

This extensive sound library has then been coupled with a highly efficient sample playback engine with a custom amplifier and speaker cabinet emulator and an FX rack.

The ManyGuitar engine is based on the Eve One engine from Dash Signature with a custom amplifier and speaker cabinet emulator and an FX rack designed exclusively for ManyGuitar This set up allows the musician to take the Manytone guitar and bass samples to new levels of reality.

The amplifier has three modes: tube, deep (which is suitable for bass and other low toned guitars), and high gain. The amp also has a four band EQ unit.

The speaker cabinet emulator gives eight speaker options (in addition to bypass):

  • closed 4 x 12″
  • open 2 x 12″
  • closed 12″
  • closed 10″
  • closed 8″
  • closed 4″
  • closed 2″
  • closed 15″ (bass)

The FX rack gives six FX units:

  • mono phaser
  • stereo phaser
  • stereo chorus
  • quad chorus
  • echo (three varieties – warm, crush and light)
  • tremolo

ManyGuitar is available now in PC VSTi format for $89.99 (download) or $104.99 (CD/DVD) from Owners of Manytone’s ManyStation may purchase ManyGuitar until 31 January 2006 at the discounted price of $49.99.

Check the Manytone website for more information and mp3 sound clips.