Marcus Clef has released ROM-500, a SF2 player with custom loops made with Synthedit.

ROM-500 uses MIDI files to play SF2 loops, in a similar way as REX files, so it supports tempo variations. This lets you create totally new loops from the original.

R0M-500 features

  • Multiple instances VST Instument
  • 170 Mb SF2 with various loops (169 Loops @ 96 to 160 BPM)
  • 169 MIDI files
  • 2 ADSR Env for Filter and Amp stages
  • 1 Moog type Lo-pass filter, with adjustable Cutoff and Resonance
  • Master gain adjustment
  • Warm function for boost and distortion on signal
  • Automation of parameters
  • No latency
  • Intuitive GUI
  • You can load your own soundfonts

You can get ROM-500 at Rapidshare or

A REX 2 version is also available at Rapidshare as well as a light version which only includes the plug-in.

Note: The plug-in’s presets expect the soundfont file in a specific location, read the comments below if you’re having trouble getting it to play.

Update 24-04-2007: Since the plug-in is not available anymore from the links above you can download it from (download size: 94MB)

If you have any feedback you can contact Marcus at: rimshot1 AT hotmail DOT com

 Marcus Clef ROM-500 (Download size: 94.10 MB)