Muxer InstantSampler

Martin Eastwood Audio has ported Muxer’s InstantSampler to Windows PC.

From Muxer’s website:

The plugin could be named “audio copy-paster” or “snippet looper”, but I choose to call it InstantSampler because it does what a simple ‘normal’ sampler does (playing audio fragments by MIDI notes), but it takes its samples (instantly) from the audio input whenever you hit a specific MIDI note for the first time. Every consecutive time you hit the same MIDI-note, it plays back the recorded fragment (or shorter, depending on the note’s length).


  • velocity – Playback volume.
  • attack and release – Both attack & release times are configurable.
  • floor – The level of the input audio which is passed along unaffected when no samples are played.
  • playback speed – Speed up or – down the sample playback using the pitchbend control with a configurable range.
  • reverse playback – Playback in reverse.
  • looped scrolling – You can scroll through the sample while playing little loops using the modulation wheel.
  • loop size – Sets the size of the loops which are played when using the modulation wheel.
  • loop fade length – Sets the fade-in and -out lengths of the loops which are played when using the modulation wheel.
  • clear memory – Assign a MIDI note that (when played) just clears all samples recorded so far.

Visit Martin Eastwood Audio to download the VST for Windows version of InstantSampler, or check Muxer for the original Mac AU version.