Martin Zuther updates K-Meter to v1.22

Martin Zuther K-Meter

Martin Zuther has released version 1.22 of K-Meter, a free software tool for metering and monitoring audio levels.

Implementation of a K-System meter according to Bob Katz’ specifications.

All meters and counters have been thoroughly validated. So far, K-Meter only supports mono and stereo signals, but I have added experimental support for surround sound. I’d love to get some feedback on this.

The K-System average meters register RMS only, but support of ITU BS.1770-1 loudness weighting is planned.

Changes in K-Meter v1.22

  • Windows: run-time dynamic linking to FFTW, releases include FFTW DLL.
  • Windows: stand-alone application (ASIO, DirectX).
  • Manual with full documentation.
  • Another complete re-validation of K-Meter.
  • Validation is now possible directly from within K-Meter.
  • Wave files and instructions for validation of peak meter, overflow counter, phase correlation meter and stereo meter; corresponding fixes.
  • Experimental support for 5.1 surround sound.
  • Changed overflow detection.
  • Notify host of plug-in latency.
  • Silenced output for unsupported sample rates.
  • Fixed a few memory leaks and some minor bugs.
  • Streamlined code and started commenting the code.
  • Beautified meters.

K-Meter is available as a freeware effect released under the GPL license. Linux and Windows VST plugin versions are available to download, as well as a standalone version for Linux and the source code.

More information: Martin Zuther

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Updated to v1.3.0:
– ITU-R BS.1770-1 loudness weighting.
– Combined peak and average level meter.
– Code clean-up and lots of small bug fixes.
– Updated documentation.
– Full re-calibration and re-validation.


Updated to v1.31.0:
– LV2 plug-in (GNU/Linux).
– Experimental 64-bit versions for Windows.
– Code clean-up and a few small bug fixes.
– Full re-calibration and new audio file.