Martinheterjag has released version 1.0.1 of Gramophony, a free VST3 effect plugin designed to brings a lo-fi sound to your track.

The effect is inspired by the sound of the band Boards of Canada who utilises vibrato, compression and filtering to get a Lo-Fi sound on their tracks. The gramophony VST is combining mild distortion, chorus/vibrato and band pass filtering.

The goal is not to sound as an old gramophone player, but to sound cool, slightly out of tune and a little bit more dirty.

The plugin has controls for comp, tone, vibe and dry/wet mix. Version 1.0.1 updates the vibrato and filter parameters.

Gramophony is a free download for Windows from KVR Audio.

Also available from Martin is Wave folder, a plugin that will make your source audio sound more harsh.

The Wave folder is inspired by west coast modular synths like Buchla and Serge, where you instead of starting with a harsh waveform (Eg. square or saw) and filter it like on a subtractive synth, you instead start with a sine wave or triangle and distort it to get a harsher sound. This VST is folding a waveform in similar ways as serge or buchla modules but is not supposed to emulate them.

The wave folder VST will sound harsh and digital and can be used on smoother sounds to add texture or be used on more complex sound sources and open the gates to the realms of heavy distortion and weird noise.

More information: Martinheterjag