Martinic has announced an upcoming Black Friday Sale, which will see prices of its plugins and bundles cut in half for just a few days.

From Thursday, we’re starting a store-wide sale on our instrument and effects plugins – including our Retro Pack bundle – offering them for 50% off.

Now is the perfect time to add that retro flavor to your audio tracks with our meticulously recreated Elka Panther organ. Enhance your rhythm tracks with that warm tape echo from the Lem Echo Music FX plugin. And, add life to your keys and guitar tracks with the unique chorus and vibrato effects from vintage organs with the Scanner Vibrato! Finally, fill in the bottom end of your mix with the incredible Kee Bass.

Save time and cash and get them all with our Retro Pack Bundle, which is also 50% off – for even more savings!

The promotion will run from November 26th through December 5th, 2020.

More information: Martinic