Marvin Pavilion has released updates for some freeware drum synth/sampler VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

Marvin Pavilion BDX, SDX, HCX and HS9

All you need to create some beats: bass drum, snare and hihat synths & a hihat sampler

Marvin Pavilion’s updated plug-ins

  • BDX v0.2, a bass drum synthesizer
    Analog synthesis, 2 waveforms ( Sine & Triangle ), Phase control, Soft distortion, 8 presets.
  • SDX v0.2, a snare drum synthesizer
    Analog synthesis, 2 filters for snare ( LPF with resonance & HPF ), Short delay effect, 8 presets.
  • HCX v0.2, a hihat synthesizer
    Analog synthesis, 2 filters ( HPF & BPF ), 2 envelopes ( Attack & Release ), 8 presets.
  • HS9 v0.3, a sampler for hihat
    Mono & Stereo sample support, Mute group, Delay control for each part, Pitch control, Level balance control, Lofi effect.

Visit Marvin Pavilion for more information and links to download these lovely drum plug-ins.